Crabitat Launches Today

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, Amuseum Naturalis is launching the Crabitat, a fascinating new exhibit showcasing the fiddler crabs that can be found in great numbers around virtually all of St. Martin’s ponds. The Crabitat will be a special attraction on Tuesday, January 31st during the Mardis de Grand Case street fair.

World Wetlands Day is a global program that raises awareness about the importance of wetlands. On St. Martin, salt ponds and other wetlands are one of the richest ecosystems, hosting a wide diversity of life. They also provide the valuable service of processing organic material, keeping our seas crystal clear and our coral reefs vibrant. Fiddler crabs, which are the featured stars of the Crabitat, are key players in this system, sifting organic matter from the sand.

“The Crabitat is a great way to get an up-close view of these adorable and ecologically important critters,” explains Mark Yokoyama, co-curator of Amuseum Naturalis. “World Wetlands Day is the perfect opportunity to give them a turn in the spotlight.”

Amuseum Naturalis, a free nature museum in Grand Case created by the Les Fruits de Mer association, also showcases wetlands in Gut Life, an ongoing exhibit about freshwater wildlife. In the Amuseum Naturalis theater, short films about the freshwater animals of St. Martin and fiddler crabs will also be in rotation. The Amuseum’s special exhibit room will be featuring displays about wetland birds and the impact of drought on wetlands.

“The chance to learn about the island’s natural heritage is something we’re excited to share with our employees, our customers, their families and everyone on St. Martin,” commented Christian Papaliolios, President and General Director of Delta Petroleum, the primary sponsor of Amuseum Naturalis. “It’s a fun and meaningful way to give back to the community that supports us.”

Amuseum Naturalis is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-8pm, and is located at 96 Boulevard de Grand Case. Completely free thanks to the support of Delta Petroleum and the Friends of the Amuseum, the Amuseum welcomes residents and visitors of all ages to discover St. Martin’s natural heritage.

Take a peek inside the Crabitat:

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The Latest Look

Amuseum Naturalis is always changing and growing. We’re serious about delivering New Wonders Every Week, and the little changes we make day by day keep the Amuseum alive. Check out a few photos of the Amuseum as it was yesterday—tomorrow things will be different again.

Also, we are always looking to add new Friends of the Amuseum to help us realize our vision. Please talk to your employer or join as an individual.

Caribbean Curiosities!

We have a new column in The Daily Herald‘s Weekender section called Caribbean Curiosities. Each week we take a closer look at something featured in the museum. We’ll be posting all the articles on the Les Fruits de Mer news page, and you can head over now to see the first two.

Every time we create an exhibit, we’re faced with the challenge of what to include and what to leave out. Luckily, with the Caribbean Curiosities articles, we’ll be able to do a deeper dive on some fascinating topics. Grab it in the Saturday Daily Herald every week!