The Amuseum Theater

Come enjoy original documentary films at our Amuseum Naturalis micro-theater! These short films about St. Martin's nature, history, and culture are made by Les Fruits de Mer and our theater program changes regularly.

Most films are three to five minutes—just long enough to explore one unique facet of St. Martin's fascinating heritage. We produce our films in both English and French. If you can't make it to Amuseum Naturalis, you can watch some of our films below.

A Beautiful Sight to See

The Miracle of Christmas House

I’m from the Renaissance

We Used to Eat Fresh Things

Return of the Flamingo

To the Bat Cave!

Scrub Island Rescue

Gut Life

Wild Minute: The Fiddler Crab

2000 Feet Under the Sea

Great Salt Pond Documentary Preview

The Face in the Stone

Bugs in Paradise, Part One